Monday, July 13, 2015

The Hopeful

It is early Monday morning and I am trying to stay awake. Getting three hours of sleep each night at a Christian music festival can be quite draining. Especially with all of the walking to the various concert stages. Still, although I am back at work this morning and despite the lack of sleep this old body endured, I feel refreshed. Why?

I have been rejuvenated in my faith. There is something about spending time with family that restores the soul. It is truly amazing. I would still prefer being there at Lifest, even though it is raining today, than to be back at work. Most people say that about vacations I guess but this feeling, this desire, is something else.

Each time I go to Lifest I always encounter incredible moments of worship, I renew old friendships, the hugs, the stories, the memories . . . all precious. And so needed as we walk through this life in a world that seemingly does not believe.

This past week I was told that my "religion" is dangerous. I looked around this past weekend and all of the families, all the love walking up and down the aisles, and I thought, "Dangerous?" The word I would tend choose is . . blessed.

There will be many stories coming your way from this blog about the things that went on at Lifest. Too many to tell right now for this old, tired brain. All I know it that God is good . . . all the time. And that all the time, God is good.

The world in which we live is a "taker." It sucks life out of those of us who believe and can leave us feeling depleted, drained and depressed. But "in Christ" we are renewed, refreshed and recharged. There is not a single person who doesn't wish they were back at Lifest right now. Not because we don't like to be at work, but because we would rather be closer to God. And the definitely happens at Lifest.

So as you go through this day, be refreshed. We are a new creation when we place our faith in Jesus Christ. It is "in Him" that we can find rest for our souls. It is the ONLY place. We are the chosen ones, we are the wretched, broken and tired. But because Jesus died for our sins and because God has called us to Himself, our faith has made us brand new, redeemed and hopeful.

Make this day His. Let our lives RISE up to Him as a fragrant offering, and He will refresh us. The perfect beginning to a new life in Christ.

"I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint." - Jeremiah 31:25

Let It Rise - Big Daddy Weave

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