Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Yesterday Is Over

We all have had those days that we would just as soon forget. Those life-changing events that cause a tear. Perhaps it was the death of a friend or a broken relationship. How do we get beyond those things? How can we recover?

It has been said that "time heals all wounds." I'm not so sure about that. There is definitely SOME healing that takes place over time, but total healing is hard to come by.

This past weekend, Labor Day weekend here in the U.S. marked the 21st anniversary of a tragedy in our community - the abduction and murder of a nine year old girl named Cora Jones.

Time has helped heal the wounds of that horrible event. It scarred our entire community. But we have not forgotten her. Fresh flowers are still laid on her grave. Stories are retold, hugs are re-given. How do we get past the heartache and the pain - our memories held captive in the grip of days gone by?

Some might pursue psychotherapy, seeking the help of a professional trained in such things. Others might try to forget their pain through alcohol or drugs, trying in vain to deaden the pain by making themselves numb. Thousands of dollars later the doctors might help, the mind altering, life-altering substances will only draw you deeper into depression. I have found there is only one way to fully leave the past behind. Pray to God for relief. That is the only way to  leave yesterday behind.

The memories of Cora are still there but the memories that once haunted me have been filed away. And though I have never met her, I know that I will one day and that is enough for me.

I placed my faith and trust in Jesus nearly ten years ago. Things have not always been easy. In some ways things have actually gotten worse, but I have this peace and contentment that lives within me. It's hard to explain really. Only those who have chosen to follow Christ and received His Holy Spirit into their lives have any idea what I am talking about.

The peace we all seek CAN be found, but it only can be found at The Cross. Only through Christ can our burdens be lifted, our sins forgiven and the past be forgotten. That is a promise of God! If you haven't done so, please call out to Jesus today, repent of your sins and place your faith and trust in Christ. Having done so myself I can tell you I would never EVER go back. The dead is gone, yesterday is over, and there is incredible hope for what lies before us. May you find the peace YOU seek in the arms of Jesus. He is waiting for you. It's your move.

Yesterday Is Over - Disciple

This post was inspired by and is dedicated to my friend Luke

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