Monday, February 29, 2016

A Rather Large But

Last month I wrote a story called That Beautiful But. It was about God and His incredible love for us, despite our sinful nature. Today I am writing about a not so beautiful but. Mine. Well, it was really my pastor's but, BUT I digress.

As our pastor was nearing the end of his message on Sunday from The Book of James, he uttered five words that wrecked my whole day. The words convicted me and I began to examine myself and I found that I came up lacking in the "but" department. His words were . . .

"I trust The Lord . . . but . . ."


Sadly, I tend to use the word "but" a lot when I am talking about all the things I am going to do for God and His Kingdom  . . .but then fall short on. For example . . .

"I'm going to go downtown this week and talk to those kids that hang out behind the middle school . . . but . . . my wife and I are going out to dinner with friends on Tuesday. I'd do it Wednesday BUT I like to keep that day open in case anyone wants to talk down at Dairy Queen. Thursday might work BUT I think I have something else going on that day."

See what I mean? I always have a "but."

Here is my biggest but of all time.

"I would like to spend more time ministering to young adults in our community BUT am I supposed to quit my job to do so? I mean, I'd do it BUT how will I eat? How will I pay my bills?

Financial stability is my biggest "but" I think. I want to be safe and secure. I want to always have food to eat and a roof over my head. I want to be comfortable.

"Trust in the Lord!"

Examine my last paragraph and see if you can detect what my problem is. See if you can find the worldly word that demonstrates my fear in stepping out of the boat and onto the waves. The word is "want." More specifically, and more noticeable to God is, "I want."

"Trust in the Lord!"

The words "I want" should never be spoken by a Christian in my opinion, when we are petitioning God for His assistance. Neither should we be saying the word "but" when we are talking or praying to God. We should not be telling God about our wants. Instead we should be asking Him about His desires.

Instead of praying, "I want to be used by You," I need to change my thinking and my praying. Something like this would be better: "What is your desire for me Lord? I offer myself to be used if it is something that You desire. I am yours. No if's and's . . . or buts.""

Voice Of Truth - Casting Crowns (Facing The Giants)

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