Saturday, September 24, 2016

Meanwhile, In The Shower

Trying to figure out what God will do next is nearly impossible. Sometimes we might guess and be right but that would be a rare exception to this unseeable being who works in us and though us and all around us yet works quietly, preferring to be unnoticed. Yet, desiring to be known.

I have written before about the topic of "ideas" - wondering where they come from. I probably deduced that, in the end, ideas, like everything else on this planet, come from God.

Some of the best ideas I come up with . . . or should I say, the ideas that GOD comes up with, occur to me in the early morning hours. That's probably because I am still half asleep anyway and probably walking in some kind of dream state as I step into the shower, but that truly is where most of my ideas come to me.

Perhaps I should quit my day job and become a professional dreamer like Daniel. Yeah, that would be me alright. I'd be a natural. My wife will tell you that I have very little trouble falling asleep in the living room chair - a prerequisite for dreaming. LOL!

"7 In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon, Daniel had a dream, and visions passed through his mind as he was lying in bed. He wrote down the substance of his dream." - Daniel 7:1

This past Thursday morning I was struck by an idea that came bursting into my cobweb-filled brain, totally uninvited. The early morning thought I had was for a construction project. Not your "normal" dream but what IS normal when we are dreaming, right?

Anyway, for the past two days I have thought about little else - pursuing this dream, trying to figure out what to do with it. It seems weird but I think God wants me to build . . . a shed. Yeah, I know . . . it's not really an "ark", is it.

Reading what I wrote just now, I admit the idea DOES sound a little weird, but a shed is actually the perfect answer to a bigger question I have been asking myself for months now. As I look back on some of the "ideas" I have had along the way, they all seem a bit "out there" but that's why I think they are going to work. They all fit together and God loves the strange, the unexpected and the unusual. Hey, He loves ME and I'm certainly strange. But, as Mandisa's song asks, "What could be stranger (and more unexpected) than God in a manger."

My passion is helping others and I hope that, by honoring God while I do that, He will bless me with His provision in my pursuit of this "dream". Did my "dream" really come from God? I don't know. But ideas come from somewhere, and this one is just so "out there" that hesitate to make it known at all. And how will I know it will be "of God" or "of man"? That's easy. If it is "of God", it will succeed.

Here's a short video that I saw on Facebook Tiny Home group's page that launched this strange plan.

France Prefab Tiny House - Pin-Up Houses

Daniel's Prayer

God  Speaking - Mandisa

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