Monday, August 25, 2014


Do you think you are a compassionate person? Do you think you care enough about your fellow human beings to reach out to them in a time of need? Okay. Here's a little test for you this morning to find out just how much compassion and love you have for others. You won't even have to get out of your chair. It's that easy. Are you ready to take the test?

Scenario #1 - You are watching people bungee jumping off a bridge. It looks like a lot of fun so you and your friend ask the jumpers if you can try it. They agree and go grab another bungee chord and harness out of their truck. Your friend goes first. She puts on the harness, clips on the bungee chord and climbs up on the bridge railing. She's just about to jump when you notice the other end of the bungee chord did not get tied to the bridge. Do you . . .

A. Let her jump anyway. It will be a good life lesson about preparation.
B. Pray for a safe landing.
C. Scream, "Wait!! The bungee chord's not hooked up!"

If you answered "C" you are correct. You probably thought about answering "B" as I did but this test is about YOUR compassion, not God's.

Scenario #2 - You are enjoying dinner with some Christian friends when one of them says he just moved in with his girl friend. Do you . . .

A. Stand up, point a finger at them and say, "You're going to hell!"
B. Laugh, wink at them and ask, "How's the sex, bro?"
C. Talk to them privately afterwards and lovingly remind them of God's view on sex outside of marriage.

Again, the answer is "C." 1 Corinthians 5:12 tells us that we are to judge others within the church. In other words, we are to hold our brothers and sisters accountable, just as they are to do the same for us. Basically, we are to demonstrate our love and compassion for them by lovingly rebuking them.

Scenario #3 - You will be on your way to work or school tomorrow morning and you will see someone in need. Maybe it's a lady whose car has a flat tire, a homeless man digging through the trash for aluminum cans, or a kid smoking and drinking a Monster behind the gas station. Do you . . .

A. Ignore them.
B. Shake your head and thank God you're not like them.
C. Stop. Take a few moments out of your busy day and help them or talk to them.

Final Answer, Final Grade - You've probably noticed that all of the answers to this little quiz were "C." That was on purpose. It is do remind us about the Compassion we are to have for others. It is to remind us to Care for other, just like Jesus Cares for us. We should be demonstrate our love for Jesus by talking to them, helping them change that tire or buying someone a meal at a nearby restaurant.

The most compassionate thing we could ever do for ANYBODY is to share the love of Jesus with them, to speak words of truth into people's lives. If we don't speak into people's lives, if we don't keep each other accountable, it's like we don't care or worse yet, it's like we are condoning or accepting their behavior.

Is there someone Jesus has placed in your life to mentor or to come along side of? How are you doing with that real-life Compassion test? To be honest, I have failed more of these tests than I'd like to admit. But each time I fail the more determined I get NOT to fail the next time. God has chosen each of us who believe. Why? So we can just go to church, sing songs and donate money? No! We were chosen for the good works God wants us to do. We were called. We have been equipped. We need to act. It is only by our actions that we can live out the things God wants us to do. It's up to us. Let's act out the Great Commission, not simply read it in church.

Our Compassionate Provider - John MacArthur

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