Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Diversion

There once was a young boy. He wasn't very big by the world's standards. Quite small in stature really. All the neighborhood boys liked to pick on him. They liked to push him around and threaten him every chance they got. Doing so made them feel superior I guess. It made them feel powerful.

This little boy's name was Abe. It was a wonder that Abe was able to survive at all in the neighborhood in which he lived. A miracle really. But Abe had a secret weapon that kept him alive. His friend Sam.

Sam was huge. He was the biggest kid on the block - some say on the entire planet, although they weren't really sure about that. Every time Abe found himself in trouble it seemed like Sam was always there to help. The neighborhood bullies always scattered when big Sam showed up on the scene.

Sam always took care of Abe. No one's exactly sure just why. He just did. Something to do with family I think. Blood's thinker than water and all that. Must be true.

Everything was good between Abe and Sam. It seemed as if the two of them would be friends forever. Nothing could come between them . . . or at least that's what everybody thought . . . including Abe and Sam.

Years later, when all the neighborhood boys were older, the bullies hatched a plan - still trying to get at Abe and teach him all those lessons they wanted him to learn. . . with their fists. But they knew they had to keep Sam away from his friend. Perhaps if they created some kind of diversion. Something to keep Sam occupied and distracted.

The gang members thought long and hard about what to do. Maybe they could drug him and then tie him up as he slept. Sam would probably break all their ropes. No, this trap for Sam had to be something he would never suspect. What to do?

The leader of the gang of bullies stood up, smiling. He offered his nasty plan to the group with great confidence. It really was quite ingenious. His plan for getting at Abe was to distract Sam with . . . a woman. And he knew just the woman for the job - Cindy.

Cindy didn't have a very good reputation. Many men in town had lost everything they had while pursuing her. Families were destroyed, fortunes lost, some men took their own lives after Cindy worked her magic on them, and that is exactly what it was - magic. Black magic.

The gang leader explained that Cindy owed him a favor. He would get her to pursue Sam and eventually lead him away from his small friend. She did it to other unsuspecting souls. She could do it to Sam too.

And so the plan was set into motion. Soon Cindy and Sam were fairly close. Sam thought it was true love. Cindy knew it wasn't. They began going out on dates and hanging around together. Sam and Abe were spending less and less time together. Soon the boys would spring a trap on Abe and finally teach him just who the REAL boss in the neighborhood was.

Friday night was the big dance. It was also time for the boy's plan to go into action. Cindy had asked Sam to take her to the dance and he agreed. Abe wasn't going to the dance - he had to work. The time was right.

That night, as Abe returned from work, the neighborhood bullies were waiting and cornered Abe in an alley. Abe looked around, hoping he might catch a glimpse of Sam but Sam was not there. The boys closed in on Abe and one by one they began to strike out at him. First they taunted Abe, then the pushing began followed by the punches.

There was no place for Abe to go. Sam was nowhere to be found. So Abe did the only thing he could. He began to fight.

And fight he did! For as much as Abe was outnumbered he was actually holding his own. His enemies were landing some punched but so was Abe. But they bullies outnumbered Abe 10-1. There was no way Abe could hold them off forever. That's when they saw it. They ALL saw it and froze right where they stood. It was a light.

A light was coming down towards them from the sky. They all held up their hands trying to shield their eyes form the brightness. Then came the wind. Powerful! What was going on!?!

"Hey, you boys down there! Knock it off! There is a squad car on the way. I want you to stay right where you are until the police get there. You got it?"

The boys nodded. They thought about trying to escape but the light was so bright they couldn't see. SO they just dropped to their knees and waited.

It wasn't long before the cops arrived, the light faded from view and thing began to calm down. One of the police officers asked they gang why they had surrendered to easily.

"Most fights like this end badly. There's a pursuit, handcuffs. What made you guys stop so suddenly?"

"It was the helicopter. That thing was nasty! It blinded us and we couldn't see a thing. When did you guys get that thing?"

"We don't have a helicopter. No one around here does."


The preceding story was an allegory of a modern day scenario. Can you figure out what it is and who all the players are? I bet you can if you really think about it. And that is exactly what you will have to do because THIS is where my story ends.

Those who have ears, let them hear.

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