Saturday, August 15, 2015

Every Single One

If you are like me you enjoy hearing stories of people doing godly work in the world in which we live. The news media usually seems to report only the bad stuff - car bombs, tornadoes, floods, famine . . . . politics. If a "feel good" story does manage to find its way to the nightly news it usually runs last. Kind of a "we've just fed you 28 minutes of depressing news. This will cheer you up." Why can't we ever have a news broadcast filled with nothing but wonderful stories about people doing wonderful things?

I think part of the reason is what I'll call the Soap Opera Syndrome, or S.O.S. for short (that acronym ought to tell you something right there). We love to hear about bad stuff happening to others because it makes our pitiful lives feel better by comparison.

There are plenty of good people out there. It's just that we never hear about them. Why is that? Well, it's because they are good people and don't want any recognition for it.

Yes, calling someone "good" is not accurate. NO one is good according to Jesus (Luke 18:19, Mark 10:18). So, let's just say that some are better than others.

I have a friend named Kelly. She has a big house and a big family. Yet, despite her family's size, she has an extra room in her house. She calls it "God's Room." It lies empty until someone comes into her life who needs a room. God is working through my friend Kelly.She inspires me. And, you know what? I see Jesus . . . in her. Her faith is alive. She is doing good things in the name of Christ for those in need.

There is another person in my life who is following Jesus' lead. His name is John. He spends most of his time gathering food for a local food pantry called Ruby's Pantry. He loves doing this! He has gathered a network of volunteers and donors that feed 200 needy families each month. Amazing! Do you have someone like that in your life?

We who follow Jesus are called to be holy - set apart. We are called "set apart" because we are different than the rest of the world. This difference is nothing that WE have done. It is God, working through us, to accomplish something in His name. It is God's Holy Spirit, living in us, that guides our actions.

I just heard a missionary speak last weekend. His mission field is in Turkey where the Christian population accounts for 0.006% of the population. Yet, despite that small percentage, people are coming to Christ. The church that God began through this one man is baptizing one person each month into the family of God.

These people inspire me. They encourage me simply by their actions and willingness to serve others. They inspire me because of their faith. They inspire me to serve more and to love more than I do.

"7 Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith." - Hebrews 13:7

Where will you find Jesus serving today? Who will you see who represents His name in their actions? Keep your eyes open.

Here's a tougher question. Where are you? Where am I? Where are WE serving? Where are we being Jesus in the life of someone in need? I once heard someone say, "Pick up a newspaper. There's an entire to-do list in your hand. Where would Jesus be working today?"

Remember the words Jesus spoke when He was calling His disciples? He said, "Follow me." Am I following? Or am I going my OWN way? Hmm. Good question.

Every Single One - Geoff Moore


  1. Such an excellent post! So true: "We who follow Jesus are called to be holy - set apart. " You asked a good question. Jesus said, "Follow me." Am I following? Or am I going my OWN way.

    1. Thanks for your reply Kathleen! Doing what is right in God's eyes always seems to be a struggle for most of us. We need to be constantly reminding ourselves just who, and whose, we are. May we all live like Jesus as we walk through this world. :)