Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Little Piece of Heaven

Well, I had a story all written for this morning, but now I find myself writing a brand new one, all because I listened to a Skillet song on my way in to work.

The song is about a young couple who found themselves pregnant. Not married, no money, no jobs, they wondered how they could possibly take care of a child. So they decided to terminate the pregnancy. They had an abortion.

But soon afterward they found themselves feeling terribly guilty for what they had done. They felt ashamed and the memory of their decision haunted them every minute of every day. They went see a counselor, it got do bad.

The counselor told them to treat their abortion like a death in the family so they did just that by doing three things. 1). They held a funeral. 2). they bought a headstone for a grave. And 3). they named their baby. This song was written from the father's viewpoint, sung to his aborted daughter.

Lucy - Skillet (with the story behind the song)

I listened to that song, as I said, on my way to work this morning. I couldn't help but shed a tear. You see, my daughter and her husband are trying to have a baby right now. They would give anything to be able to hold a young life like Lucy's in their hands right now.

And so this morning I prayed for all the young mothers and fathers of the world. That they might truly appreciate the gift of the life they have been given. And for the mothers and fathers who find they can't have children. I pray for them as well. I pray for young children in orphanages, on street corners, and in alley ways. May we always remember your name.

Won't you please join me in prayer as we seek mercy for these young souls. And also pray that God might take the ones that have been given up, abandoned, and thrown in the garbage to die. May these young mothers and father choose life over death. May they chose adoption rather than abortion. There are so many young couples who want children. And so many young babies who need loving parents. God, please, help us in this area. Help us chose life. Amen.

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