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The following post is part of a Group Writing Project for FaithfulBloggers.com

The first creative writing assignment I had in high school was to describe another person - a teacher, a student, whoever. Someone at school that our teacher might know. Our writing teacher was to then see if she could figure out who it was we were describing merely by reading our written words.

I was pretty quick with my assignment and turned my paper in first. That was really a dumb thing to do. My teacher picked up my paper and began reading it while others in the class were still writing. It was really quite. Nothing but the sound of  Number 2 pencils scraping across paper. All of a sudden my teacher burst out laughing. The whole class looked up as our teacher tried to compose herself. They looked at her and then they looked at me. I sunk in my chair out of embarrassment. Obviously, my writing was a joke. I was both embarrassed and ashamed.

The following day we got our papers back. I remember dreading her comments as she passed them out.

"How did you ever think you could write? Are you insane? You totally blew your assignment!! What a joke!!" I imagined.

She set my paper face down on my desk. I kind of looked around the room, checking to see if anyone was watching me as I pulled the paper close to my chest like some card shark trying to hide his winning hand. Slowly, carefully, I took a look . . .


What?? My grade was followed by this hand-written comment. "I know EXACTLY who you mean!!" and a big smiley face!! :)


Why I Write

I have always enjoyed writing, although I never really did a lot of it earlier in my life. It's fun coming up with stories in my mind and them trying to describe them with words. It brings me joy, especially when others read them and like them.

Most of my life was spent as a non-believer. Actually, I kind of believed but I never did anything with my faith. I never lived it. It was kind of like having a TV set that I only used maybe twice a year. I'd sit down in front of the TV but I never turned it on.

When I committed my life to Jesus Christ back in 2006 I could NOT stop reading the Bible. I was obsessed with it. That's when I cam across this verse.

"Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father" - Colossians 3:17

I also read this question in another book I was reading at the time. "What are you doing for yourself today, that you could be doing for God tomorrow?"

I thought about that for a bit. I really wanted to do something for God in light of all the things He has done for me. What could I do that would bring glory to God? Well, I could write!


I began to write stories and e-mailed them to family and friends. They were short little "devotionals" telling others where I had seen God working in my life or in the lives of those around me. I borrowed the title of my weekly e-mail (Lifesongs) from the Christian Band Casting Crowns. Their song Lifesong seemed to fit perfectly what I wanted to do with my writing.

"May the words I say and the things I do. Make my lifesong sing, bring a smile to You."

My weekly e-mails about God did not find favor with several of my family members. Their beliefs differed from my own. I was asked to take their names off my mailing list. These were relatives! I now had critics, and they were people I loved, but they were not critical of my writing style, but of my faith. It was being tested and actually took some time off to re-assess.


It wasn't long before the itch to write became too strong and I decided to write a blog. That was a few months ago and I have already learned a few things about blogging.

  1. Do your research! As soon as I learned that some of the elders from my church were reading my blog, that REALLY got my attention. I REALLY wanted to make sure I was being scripturally correct in what ever I wrote.
  2. Fear Not! Don't get discouraged. Not everyone is going to like what you like. But remember who you are writing for. I write for an audience of One.
  3. Spread the Gospel. This is my prime directive. Every post I share is faith-based. Every post has scripture in it. we bloggers may only get one short at having someone read our stuff. Make it count!
  4. Bring Him glory. Every blog post I write mentions Jesus Christ, the son of the living God. It is for Him I write. The stories I write are not fictitious, but are all true - reports of my witnessing God in action. 
  5. Don't get cocky! God saves, not us. 1 Cor 3:6 says, "I planted, Apollos watered, but God was causing the growth." Our words are the seeds cast onto the soil of our reader's hearts. We water with encouragement, truth and love. And may God bless us and our readers as we bring Him all the glory.
My favorite Christmas carol is Little Drummer Boy. A small child is standing next to the new-born baby Jesus, wondering what kind of gift he can give his new king. He decides to play his drum for him. He gives Jesus the very gift that God had given him! Use your gift with words to bring glory to God. You will be blessed.

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