Saturday, April 30, 2016

Deflated Faith?

Many people enjoy taking rides through the countryside. It relaxes them. We roll down the windows and stick our hands out to feel the breeze push against us. Our dogs like to stick their entire faces outside to breathe in that air and smell whatever blows their way. Car rides can be wonderful . . . until a dashboard warning light goes on.

That happened to me the other day. Low Tire Pressure! in big yellow letters lit up my dashboard. Thoughts of trouble, abandonment and vulnerability passed through my mind. Maybe I ran over a nail or that big pot hole I hit the other day, maybe there was some lingering damage. Whatever it was that was causing the warning, I was sure that it was going to cost me something.

I wish I came with a warning light. Something to let me know when I was about to get into trouble. Actually, now that I think about it, I DO come with a warning system. I just don't usually listen to it.

God's Holy Spirit, what Jesus called The Helper, does just that for us. He transforms our pitiful prayers to God, making them holy and acceptable in His sight. The Holy Spirit leads us as we walk through the world.  He nudges us when we hesitate to do something for God or holds us back when we are about to do something contrary to God's will.

If I would have ignored the dashboard warning light about my tire pressure, several things could have happened - none of them good. But I heeded the warning, examined my tire and found a nail in it. I removed the nail, plugged the hole and filled the tire back up, good as new.

Jesus can do the same thing for us when we are in need of repair. He removes the impurities (sin) and repairs us, making us pure as a new winter snow. All fresh and clean before God.

Are there any warning lights going off in YOUR life? Do you have an issue that is in need of repair? As you examine yourself,  do you see any signs of worldly activity? Sinful living? Idolatry? Get that fixed today before something worse happens. Make an appointment with the Healer of ALL things. You'll be eternally glad you did. :)

Healer - Hillsong United

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